The contact management is essential to maintain a close relationship with customers, suppliers and partners. The ability to organize and manage this information is the key to success in any business. SMARKT contact management provides several features such as create and store names, contacts and additional information; classify groups and sending segments, automatic updates and databases import to your manager.


It's an application for of products or services promotion via email. Allows email campaigns parameterization according your database and proceed with its sending in a defined periodicity. Email is now the most powerful means of communicating with your market. Sending this way information, with new products, opportunities or promotions is a great approach to create and generate business.


Nowadays, Mobile marketing campaign is a very effective marketing method, with great advantage of being fast and of low-cost. Furthermore, it is easy to quantify this type of marketing campaign success, as in Portugal there are more active phones than its population. SMARKT allows sending your message to these receptive consumers and meet them wherever they are, promptly and efficiently.


His service sends audio information to one or more contacts from your database. Use landline to broadcast your company, business, idea or program to a specific geographic area. Make yourself heard wherever you want or need. Record your message and select contacts. SMARKT does the rest!


New persevering reality demands companies to review their sales strategies to be more competitive in the market. Create and send questionnaires with quality through this application foresees solutions for customer loyalty, recurred purchases and increases sales. In addition, customer satisfaction, also works as an excellent indicator of business performance.


You can get to know better your customers needs and effectively advertise your products or services benefits and nature. This will also reduce risks in management decisions, identify problems and new business opportunities, monitor and evaluate a product (new or existing) degree of diffusion in the market, as well as your image and reputation.

Increases productivity and reduce operating costs.
SMARKT allows execution of integrated campaigns by email, mobile, voice and market analysis, quickly, efficiently and economically. This extremely intuitive interface Web-based application, offers full autonomy processes, managing and creating campaigns across multiple channels.
Effective and automatic Database management.
In any marketing campaign the most important issue is details on existence and potential clients, both standardized and integrated; SMARKT allows management and automatic update of your database. You can access any contact easily and acknowledge each customer opinion on your business. Create your own segments and then import their contacts in a simplified way.
Web-Based Multi-Platform.
In addition to the fact its an all-in-one system (email, SMS, Voice and surveys) SMARKT development in a web environment provides a series of advantages and additional benefits. We must emphasize reduced costs, remote operations, automatic upgrades and access to this application anywhere. And all you need is Internet access.
ROI increasing (return on investment) through successful campaigns.
With SMARKT, you can manage sales strategies and after-sale support, in addition promotes your business in specific segments, seamlessly and accurately. Your customers will hear your message, as all content can be delivered consistently in different digital channels. Also discover what you customer wants, theirs expectations towards your business and experience review on your company.
Efficient delivery methods for your communications.
SMARKT adapts with major e-mail systems and obeys dispatch traffic volumes. All messages are optimized and meet the laws and rules of good marketing. It is also in accordance with the National List of Non Receipt of Communications Advertising. You can also activate the confirmation opt-in to ensure that your campaign reaches only those who authorized it. All this, will avoid logging in your messages as SPAM and will maintain high delivery rate.
Custom Communication and according to your identity.
SMARKT does not use templates or pre-developed solutions in our online media communication. All layouts used in your newsletters, e-cards, surveys or polls, are designed by a professional designers team, exclusively for your business and in line with the identity of your company. This will reinforce your image to the world and strengthen your identity with your market. The application also allows a parameterization appropriate to your needs ... Because your company is unique!
Setting the application with custom parameters
Custom Design
No limits uploads
Integration with other web applications
Customization of digital content
Gestão de Contactos de Clientes e Fornecedores
Security and Confidentiality of Data
Elimination of duplicate contacts
Importing Contacts
Creating Groups / Segments Submission for Campaigns
Making Research On Various Parameters
Automatic updating of contacts Optin / Optout
Creating campaigns
Sending Bulk Newsletters, SMS and Voice Call Surveys
Remote use - online application
Scheduling Campaigns
Statistics and Reports Campaigns
Sound practices of Digital Marketing
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